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General Dentistry Experts of Oregon

Regular dental care and checkups are a must for a great smile, a healthy mouth, and your overall health. That’s why our general dentistry practice strives to make each and every one of our patients feel relaxed, at home, and at ease. Shoreview Dental offers a soothing environment and a wonderful lake view. But more importantly, we’ll get you to look forward to your next great checkup – and to get the regular care you need to stay healthy.

Our dentists and hygienists take pride in brightening smiles throughout Salem, Keizer, Woodburn, Hayesville – and for miles around. It shows in everything we do. We would love to brighten your smile, too.

Shoreview Dental offers comprehensive general dentistry services that promote great dental health. These include the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disorders that impact your teeth and your mouth. Through regular visits, we’ll work together to prevent cavities and other dental issues that can become unpleasant – or even adversely affect your total health.

Our top-notch general dentistry starts with a thorough exam of your teeth and mouth, as well as x-rays and cleaning and polishing; it also includes regular checkups and cleanings to help you maintain the best possible oral health and hygiene. During your visits, we’ll help you avoid future issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease. If we can no longer prevent an issue, you can count on our skillful tooth fillings, extractions, and root canals to get you back on track.

Are you overdue for a checkup?

Do you have another dental issue that requires treatment? Don’t put off that call any longer. If you live in Salem, Keizer, Woodburn, Hayesville, or nearby, schedule an appointment with Shoreview Dental today. With over 30 years of general dentistry experience, we have the knowledge, techniques, procedures – and friendly care – to help you maintain healthier teeth and a happier you!

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